Milwaukee HipHop scene takes a huge blow when local news station @TMJ4 chose Juiceboxxx (@JUICEBOXXXUSA) to represent the city’s rap scene to the nation.
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it has always been difficult for anyone outside of Milwaukee to take it’s HipHop scene serious and it just got a lot harder as Juiceboxxx somehow ended up on TMJ4 to represent the city’s scene on live television. The Milwaukee rapper graced the station’s newscast Wednesday, where he offered anchors Mike Jacobs and Carole Meekins a Thunder Zone energy drink, performed with no stage presence and the song quality was horrible as he rapped about riding buses and getting wasted, Thank you juiceboxxx you have single handedly set Milwaukee’s HipHop scene back at least 10 years!

Click below and Watch Juiceboxxx perform live on Milwaukee’s TMJ4 

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